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Hi! I'm Janet

I love beauty. I always have. 

And I created Ever Easter as a little creative outlet to gather and display what inspires me, to remember past work, and to share special moments from our family. 

Ever Easter is about daily living out our hope in the Resurrection

and celebrating beauty in our every day lives. 

And, I can't wait to meet you.

A bit of a background: I'm an Indianapolis native who spent nine years in New York City and co-founded Verily Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle website that seeks to help women become the best versions of themselves. I worked as the Style Editor for four years, stepped away with the birth of our first daughter, and came back as the Creative Director for a short while. Myself and the entire original team no longer work on Verily, but I'm forever grateful for the experience and good it has brought millions of women.

Currently, I'm settled in the sweet town of Sewickley, PA with my adventurous husband, Brian, and two daughters Gemma Faustina & Felicity Jane...with a baby boy on the way. Yes. Three kids in under three years. 

PS: Did I mention my love for flowers and french press coffee?


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