Winter Wedding Flower Inspiration

My older sister Katie is getting married this February, and she graciously asked me to gather and arrange the flowers for the big day. What is so beautiful about this wedding is that it is ALL about the Mass, the sacrament that is to take place. And, there will be an intimate family dinner afterwards in a stunning historical home in downtown Indy. So for fun, I thought I'd share my visual mood board for the big day ( gulp, and as I try to figure out how to do this affordably)

A Late Spring Arrangement

I was antsy to try one of the antique floral cages Brian surprised me with for my birthday, and ran out to our backyard to see what I could grab for a quick arrangement while the girls napped. The Amaranth and Queen Anne's Lace I experimented growing from seeds are both abundant, despite the fact that they're both not to full maturity yet. And, our little hydrangea bush in the front yard managed to produce two small, early, of course I picked them ( also grabbed