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10 Beautiful Conscious Children's Brands

For the most part, I'd say we buy 90% used clothes for the girls and the rest are new pieces for special occasions or items I couldn't find used. After learning more about ethical, conscious fashion (and wanting dreamy dresses accordingly) I've really been drawn to these baby/children's clothing company's that create lasting, beautiful clothes that I'll want to hand down kid to kid.

To be honest, the below brands range from moderate to pretty dear in terms of prices. But, when we invest in only 1-2 items for each kid a couple times a year, it works out to be still a less than buying all new, but lack luster quality clothes. I also just admire what these companies are creating and love to be inspired by the whimsical, playful and classic silhouettes in cotton and linen.

Gemma is going through a stage where she'll only wear dresses...and her absolute favorite is from Alice + Ames ( first below) because of the twirl factor.

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