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5 Crave-worthy Spring Cocktails

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Because I'm pregnant and could really use a drink.

Hey, I can dream, right? How pretty and delicious do these look?! I'll probably make Brian mix one of these and take a small sip.

All of the pretty cocktails below have my favorite flavor mix of citrus and herb, perfect for the warmer days ahead. And, there are a slew more to be found on Ever Easter's Pinterest.

Grapefruit, Sage, & Champagne//

Gah, sage gets me every time. My favorite cocktails include the sage leaf and I'm just dying to try this one out. Gin, sage, grapefruit juice, angosta bitters, champagne...THUMBS UP.

Blood Orange and Ginger Boston Sour//

I'm also wild about egg whites in cocktails. Don't be scared! When done right, egg whites add a frothy, slightly creamy taste and texture to drinks. Blood Orange, bourbon, egg white, ginger liquor. I'm on board.

Rosemary Clementine Proseco//

It's hard for me to turn down a cocktail that includes sparkling wine, I mean, it feels extra special and fancy, right?! This cocktail includes clementine juice, lime juice, proseco, and rosemary simple syrup. Probably the most refreshing thing on earth.

Bumble Bee//

Fun name, fun ingredients: Jamaican rum, lime juice, honey syrup, egg white, with a garnish of bitters and an orange peel.

Garden Flora Greyhound//

Image via Pinterest / Original via BLDG 25

Apparently, this pretty thing is a good treat for #mothersday, I'll just have to wait til 2019. Tamworth Garden Flora Gin, Rosemary simple syrup, grapefruit juice, club soda. A total winner.

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