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After posting a few of our family photos on Instagram (taken by the sweet Sara LaCroix), I had a couple of sweet friends ask about the girls' outfits. So, for anyone interested, I listed links below for items that are still available!

Felicity's Coat - Old Navy / Hats - Amazon / Sweaters - Jamie Kay / Tights - Jamie Kay / Shoes - Mon Petite.

(Unfortunately, Felicity's Osh Kosh dress and Gemma's Zara dress are a few years old and no longer on sale).

And....this is about as close as we could get to Gemma. She was on. the. move.

William's cap - Briar Handmade / Sweater Onesie - second hand / Booties - Amazon

Also, for anyone interested; dress - ROOLEE Mom / Tights - Old Navy / Shoes - Clarks / Jacket - Urban Outfitters from YEARS ago in NYC;)

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