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EVER THRIFT: An Introduction

So, on a whim I decided to start selling thrifted treasures I find on EverThrift.

And, I couldn't be more excited.

Sophmore year in high school you'd find me at the local Value World searching for ironic graphic tees. Senior year, I wore a 1960s gown for prom. In New York, I'd wander into thrift and vintage stores to relax. I've always loved thrifting.

But, after the blur of the past five years - moving, married, three babies later and swinging dress sizes - I totally forgot, until recently.

It all started when I was dropping donations off at our local St. Vincent DePaul Society store a few months ago. Whenever I would swing by the store, I couldn't help but step in to quickly peruse the racks. My eyes would scan for textures, quality, and modern muted tones. It was (and is) a thrill finding vintage pieces that are actually wearable. Or, my heart would jump to find a brand name that was barely worn...for $3.

I guess it's like a treasure hunt. I love the thrill of finding treasure. I feel like a kid again, losing track of time, skipping out of the store with my bounty.

The thing is, a lot of what I would find wasn't in my size or something I necessarily needed. I did a little trial run selling some of my thrifted treasures on Instagram stories early last December AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I wanted to try it again.

So, Ever Thrift was born.

I know not everyone enjoys diving into overwhelming racks and piles of clothes "looking for treasure." I get it.

Ever Thrift is for those of you who like the idea of thrifting ( Yay sustainable fashion! Yay unique style!) but don't actually want to go thrifting.

I tend to my fave four - dresses, outerwear, skirts, and shoes with the occasional accessory or top making an appearance. Everything I find is something I'd actually want to wear, which means it can swing from super feminine to tomboy nineties kid in a heartbeat. I also tend to stick to neutral grays and blacks, classic patterns, and silhouettes because they tend to blend seamlessly into different wardrobes.

As for sizes, I've collected items ranging from 2 petite to 14.

So, how to shop?

Here's the rundown:

  • Once a month I'll do a "clothing" drop on Instagram under @EverThrift.

  • If you find an item you love, comment "SOLD" underneath the image.

  • Direct message me your email associated with your PayPal account.

  • Shipping will vary due to weight and distance, but I'm aiming around $5.

*NOTE: until Ever Thrift has more of a following, I'll post Instagram stories of myself wearing some of the clothes on @JanetSEaster, but direct viewers to actually comment "SOLD" on an image over at @EverThrift's instagram page to purchase the item. Not ideal, I know, but I'm winging this friends;)

Also, mark your calendar because the next sale is......

Saturday 1-19-19!

Love to you all.

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