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Ever Thrift Denim Sale Mood

For little inspiration on how to wear vintage denim dresses & skirts.

Inspo Anthropologie Inspo. Dead.

Man, I'm excited. I had way too much fun grabbing threads for this upcoming mini Ever Thrift Denim Sale, 8.14.19 8PM ET. I had no intention of focusing on denim this time around, but when I happen upon FIVE denim dresses in a single thrift store - I figured I'd better take the hint. I love when little collections spring up organically based on what happens to be in the second hand store. And, the more I looked, but more psyched I grew over the modern versatility of these vintage finds. If the below inspiration doesn't convince you that you can wear a long denim skirt and not look like a "home school marm," I don't know what will.

Simple denim button front midi's are perfect with a simple tank or T, and can take you into fall with a soft neutral sweater tucked in the waistline. Denim shirt dresses are darling with a buckle to cinch the waist, and pair with either summer sandals or tights and booties for the fall. I mean really, finding a dress you can wear slip-on sandals, sneakers, pumps, or heafty booties with is pretty darn wonderful.

I'll have around 30 pieces for sale Wednesday, August, 14th 8PM ET. Stay tuned for details on how to shop!

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