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Ever Thrift Just Got a Whole New Look

And, I'm dying.

My little corner to sell beautiful vintage clothes and curated thrift just got a whole new look, thanks to the crazy talented Angela Kilburg. Angela has done an amazing job creating a simple, feminine, striking and cohesive feel for Ever Thrift as a brand, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

Earlier this year, I started Ever Thrift on somewhat of a whim as I loved digging into thrift stores and finding treasures for myself and friends. Since then, I have gathered and curated each month - when I can with three little ones at home - and posted the treasured items for sale on Instagram, which has now grown to a brand new website.

I'm totally and completely humbled by the warm response and excitement for each of these sales, and I hope to more regularly pepper in pieces throughout the coming months ( as a recent poll on Instagram asked for more items to be stocked in the shop, eek!)

Ever Thrift is ever growing and evolving organically from a small love and passion for thrifting and making use of what we have in beautiful ways. I love helping women discover their personal style and to inspire them to think outside of the box when it comes to getting dressed each day.

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