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Fall Coat Feels

Just a pile of pretty inspiration here and making me want to hit up a thousand thrift stores to try and score look-alikes. I love the classic strong shoulder double breasted wool coat look, as well as the over-sized cocoon coat trend ( both of which can be found in thrift stores!)

If you decide to peruse your nearest thrift spot, head to the coat section and literally "feel" your way through it. I run my hand along all the sleeves on the rack to pick up on the touch of wool or a wool blend. Also keep your eye out for colors - from warm brown or camel to cooler heather grays, navies, and blacks ( double points if in a classic plaid or houndstooth pattern). If you snag such a wool coat, throw it on for fit. Remember most vintage coats from the 70-90s had an over-sized fit/look, and you'll want to layer sweaters underneath! Check for any marks or moth bites, and if it fits, skip your way home.

As always, if thrifting isn't your thing, but you love one-of-a-kind style - there's another Ever Thrift sale this Tuesday November 5th, 8PM ET with a few wonderful wool blazers and coats!

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