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Family Trip to the Orchard

It was one of our first family outings together besides going to Mass!

Brian took an extra day off of work on a Monday to help me get on my feet for the first week alone with the kids. We celebrated by going to our favorite "pick your own" apple orchard at Simmons Farm. The girls loved finding apples and putting them in the bags (we got quite the array of quality and sizes with these two silly girls pulling apples from everywhere).

Gemma ate about four apples that day, the first below;

And, Felicity felt very important marching around looking for more "AHHPELS" as she would say, over and over again.

Sweet William slept most of the time in the carrier and came out twice to nurse:)

Brian performed his annual apple juggling show ( taking bites of apple between each toss up) before we stumbled upon HUGE "puff ball" mushrooms. Which, we took home to cook, of course.

Definitely the highlight of his day.

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