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How to Wear Vintage Clothes

Simple formulas to pull off your thrift store scores and vintage finds.

Oh, my heart.

When it comes to sporting vintage clothes effortlessly, the name of the game is balance. Basically, my go-to is to always pair vintage tops with modern bottoms and vintage bottoms with modern tops. That's it. See? Way too simple. If you really want to add another formula to the mix, you can wear vintage accessories with an uber neutral modern outfit. But, for reals. You only need to know the basic balance.

I've kept the formula simple, because having fun with style doesn't need to be complicated. What I love about thrift store and vintage clothing finds is that they really are unique. When you find an item that speaks to you, enough for you to want to wear it decades after it was made - that's pretty special. And, there's no doubt you feel special wearing something that is utterly unique and completely you.

So, below I've laid out the general idea with some of my favorite thrifted, vintage treasures from Ever Thrift. Now, get out there and be bold with your vintage wearing self!

Vintage Tops + Modern Denim

It's not rocket science, but it can seem unattainable when you see someone else sport a mixed era outfit. Recently, I've fallen in love with billowy vintage blouses ( or "old lady" shirts, as Brian dubs them). There is something so pretty about a decorative button down blouse or silk patterned top. You take out the "old lady" factor the second you throw on a pair of your favorite jeans or denim shorts. Keeping the rest of your look simple and current let's the vintage item stand on its own without looking costume-y.

Vintage Bottoms + Modern Tops

It's hard to beat a feminine floral midi, vintage pencil with pockets, or a classic denim number that keeps it shape. I love dressing down vintage skirts, pants, and shorts with more casual cotton tee-shirts and tanks, classic sweaters, or masculine utility jackets. I've stocked up on a handful of ethical tops from Everlane and beautiful graphic tees from Brick House in the City to see me through summer.

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