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Introducing Ever Easter

Updated: May 8, 2018

Why I decided to create a little, simple space for pretty inspiration.

( Above Art available here)

“Indeed, beauty is one of mankind’s greatest needs; it is the root from which the branches of our peace and the fruits of our hope come forth."

-Pope Benedict XVI

I've been meaning to create a home base online for years now; a place to display past work seen in Verily Magazine - online and in print, as well as a visual journal, of sorts, to gather beautiful imagery, ideas that inspire me, and precious moments I pray to remember in our growing family.

I'm not tech-savvy, a professional photographer, or an authority on lifestyle, fashion, interior design, etc. by any means. And, there are some days I'm wondering, "Why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself out there?" The truth is, sometimes I'm terrified to be vulnerable for fear of not being "enough" or living up to the expectations of others. I have to pray all the time for the grace to just get over myself and move forward in faith, hope, and love.

Because deep down, more than my insecurity is my desire to celebrate what is truly beautiful. I firmly believe beauty leads us to what is good and true. That is one of my favorite aspects of my Catholic faith, it proclaims this unity - truth, beauty, and goodness - which leads us to the Author of it all. Suddenly, everything holds so much more meaning, richness and fullness. A simple pretty picture isn't just trivial, an outfit isn't inconsequential, a home isn't just a roof over our heads. There is value in intentionality and ways to find and create beauty in our every day lives.

It's not about perfectionism, a Pinterest-worthy life (although I do love the platform purely for inspiration), but rather about finding ways to bring about beautiful moments not only in your own life, but in others'. There is such joy to be found in picking a single bloom, learning a new craft, or spending a moment longer with your coffee in the morning.

"Ever Easter" isn't just a play on my new last name, but a reminder for myself to daily live out my hope in the Resurrection.

I hope you'll join me in this pursuit of living a more intentional, truly beautiful life for others.

(floral arrangement by the crazy-talented Blue Daisy Floral Designs)

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