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Issue 1.0 June/July 2013 Hello Sunshine

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Photographer: Trever Hoehne / Styling: Suzi Grgurish / Makeup: Amy Clarke / Hair: Heidi Garrett / Models: Kassidy and Melissa from Natural Model Management. L.A.

This one-piece swimwear shoot was one of my absolute favorites to coordinate and art direct for Verily's first official print magazine. It was also one of the most shared due to the "plus" size models we employed. I remember one reader writing in, "Oh my gosh, you kept her moles!!" and "I love the girl with freckles!" It was then we realized we should probably let people know that we have never and continued to never alter the body shape or face structure of any of our models - and our staggering at the time "No Photoshop Policy."

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