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My Growing Love of Flowers

At times, I feel completely clueless when it comes to flowers. After living in New York City for nine years, I never had the chance to really "cultivate" anything, and I never felt I had the budget to practice arranging anything. Despite all of that, I have always had a deep love and appreciation for beautiful blooms.

"Sunny's Flowers" was a little corner flower market ( literally the size of a closet) down in my old stomping grounds in the East Village. Everyday, I would walk past Sunny, a sweet little woman, quietly and expertly arranging small hand-tied bouquets. I would pause for a moment just to watch her work and smell the sweet scent of freshly watered flowers; a welcome relief from the typical tang of New York City streets.

A few years later, I worked with Kristen of Moon Canyon for a Verily event in Hollywood. I'll never forget her long hair, bare feet, and beautiful soul as she brought buckets full into the venue and began creating the most stunning arrangements I had ever seen. For a blissful moment, I imagined that was me, that I had been to the flower market that morning and bought bunches of greenery and dahlias to place ever-so thoughtfully in antique vases.

It wasn't until my wedding day, when Stephanie, of The Blue Daisy Floral Designs, brought me my bouquet, and I blurted out in awe, "You know, I have always wanted to learn how to do this." And bless her, Stephanie responded that she could use some help in her studio. That following spring, I began assisting her during wedding season until Gemma was born. Ever since then, I have been drawn more and more in wonder to world of flowers.

Corynne Olivia for The Catholic Woman

I have only recently discovered how intimately botanicals and Marian devotion are intertwined, and it has felt like Our Lady has yet again gently led me into this discovery. My mind has been blown by all the history and research of Marian Gardens and the deep meaning behind every plant and herb since the Middle Ages ( Thank you Katrina Harrington for inspiring me!)

I want to learn as much as I can with a two-year old, one-year old, and soon to be newborn. I'm a crazy lady to think I can even do so at this stage in my life. But, flowers bring me an indescribable joy, and I've only just scratched the surface behind their deeper meaning and ability to assist in my prayer life.

So, if you're at all interested in plodding along with me, let me know! Let's learn together.

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1 Comment

Scott Tran
Scott Tran
May 04, 2018

Beautiful story!!! I wish something like that would happen with me and my music. Like just meeting the right person and saying at the right time. I'm glad you have a blog now! Prayers for you and your lovely family!

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