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Nursing Dresses

Really, this is just my visual wish list of feminine dresses for the ever so lovely postpartum style slog.

Dresses really are the most forgiving item of clothing you can keep in your closet... and I plan to have a couple to turn to when I feel my most "ugh" during the tender postpartum recovery phase.

The three brands below are really affordable, and I know Little Cottonwood Co & Humble Hilo are both US made. Little Cottonwood Co. has darling mommy + me matching outfits, and Humble Hilo mixes ethical fashion with philanthropy ( you can read more here).

I'd like to look more into Roolee, but their variety of stylish, modest, and practical dresses are hard to pass up! I had to sneak in one blouse amidst the dresses below:)


Avery Floral Dress / Collide Stripe Top / Clements Woven Dress / Lennon Detail Dress / So This is Love Dress / Amelia Garden Dress

Little Cottonwood Co.

Magnolia Mom Dress Gold Stripe / Mom Dress Peak / Magnolia Mom Dress Green Stripe / Magnolia Mom Dress Gray Floral

Humble Hilo

Noche / Gris / Olivio / Blanca

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