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Playroom on a Budget

Transforming our 3rd floor into an imaginative space for our littles.

This will be short and sweet:)

Basically, our 3rd floor was an unlivable "attic" that we made into a guest room for family...and now a playroom for our kids. And, slowly I've been piecing together things we've had, things I've made, and things we've recently purchased to make it more of a fun, inviting space for make believe and shenanigans.

I'll have to take more images another time, because you can't see the vintage schoolroom map on one wall, DIY chalkboard from a thrifted mirror, or the twin bed tucked in a cubby on another wall. BUT, for those who were interested in sources for the items in a recent Instagram photo, read on!

I love "hiding" or storing miscellaneous toys, or toys with a ton of pieces in cute baskets and bins. We've got our play dough, ABC blocks, wooden trains, and random stuffed animals + dolls tucked away here. And, any cute, colorful toy I love to display as part of the decor. Most of our classic, wooden toys are out and easy to grab for the girls.

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