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For this special boy's room.

Inspired by Brian's love for the natural world, I've been so excited to find awesome, affordable vintage looking prints for this little boy's nursery. Dinosaurs - check. Crystals - check. Rocket blueprints - check check. And, for many of these, I plan to do In Honor of Design's DIY hanging poster frames.

I'm using a lot of art we already have... or at least what I found in the basement. Brian's old Shins concert poster as well as his Okerville River band poster. We also have a beautiful image of Our Lord raising his hand in blessing with rays of light coming from His Sacred Heart. When I dig through what we have or go thrifting, I try to stick with a color scheme to have any gallery wall of mixed art "work together."

In this case, we definitely have more warm hues ( the only room in our a cool-toned neutral house!) Little hints of yellow, orange, reds, and greens against off white backgrounds. And, I think these prints work with our dark gray cool-toned room because despite their warmth, the colors are slightly "desaturated."

Anyways, for those who are interested I've listed the prints and their sources below! Some of my favorites are only 4$!

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