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Simple Bourbon Cocktails for Fall

I'll never forget how Brian introduced me to bourbon. It was my first trip to Pittsburgh for a weekend visit and Halloween night. He poured me a small glass of bourbon with apple cider and we watched The Sixth Sense. Classic. And, I couldn't believe how much I loved it, the drink that is. I still jump out of my skin for any scary movie... especially for M. Night Shymalan's greatest film.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving when I met his family for the first time. I walked into the house and in less than a minute his uncle offered me a glass of Wild Turkey 101, ("Kickin' Chicken" as another uncle called it).

SO, ever since then, Fall and bourbon have always gone hand in hand for me. Honestly, I think the best bourbon cocktails are the simplest - pairing the spirit with plain ol' apple cider or honey and lemon. I just made myself a "Gold Rush" the other night... and with only three ingredients, it's too easy;

Gold Rush;

2 oz bourbon

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

3/4 oz honey simple syrup ( just heat equal parts honey and water on stove until honey is dissolved)

Shake for 10 seconds and pour into chilled coups or an old fashioned glass with a large ice cube.

Yay for more simple and pretty recipes to imbibe below!

Apple Cider and Bourbon Cocktail//

You don't have to have all the fixin's for this classic combo. Literally, just 2oz. of bourbon with 4oz. of apple cider over ice. BUT, if you want it to look as pretty as this glass from Set the Table, check out their recipe:)

Bourbon Sidecar//

I love 3 ingredient drinks, and Brooklyn Supper's Bourbon Side Car is so easy and elegant... bourbon, cointreu, and lemon juice look extra good in those vintage coups.

The Harvest Sparkle//

Ok, there's definitely a rosemary theme going on here, but....give me all the rosemary. This recipe from Fed and Fit can be served in a pitcher for parties, and it includes bubbly - so pretty much perfect for fall gatherings with friends.

Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour//

Gah, we love this one from our "Shake" cocktail book. The maple syrup brings a tad of sweetness and pairs beautifully with the rosemary. You can grab the recipe from W and P Designes here.

The Revolver//

A cocktail with a hint of coffee sounds delish, and kind of perfect for sleep-deprived parents like ourselves. Blossom to Stem's Revolver cocktail looks oh-so smooth and refreshing with a hint of orange liquor.

Haunted Graveyard//

Brian is all about Halloween and would crack up over Sprinkles and Sprouts "spooky" version of pretty much every drink above. Bourbon, check. Citrus ( orange) check. Maple syrup, check. Rosemary, check. Just light it on fire. Yup, definitely Brian's thing.

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