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Simple Wreath DIY

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

You don't have to be a professional to pull off this pretty asymmetrical wreath for the holidays.

I'm pretty giddy about how these wreaths turned out over the weekend, and I really believe anyone can do it. They take little supplies and a few visuals to help you get the hang of it! While the girls were napping, I had Maria Ignelzi, of Ria Teresa Photography, pop over to shoot this easy step-by-step for you, friends.

*Disclaimer, I'm not a professional by any means, so this is just the way I've found works best for me:)


01. Grab Greenery

Really, I just included this step so you could see William;)

02. Assemble Bundles

Cut greenery and gather into little pretty "bundles." I literally just took one piece of ceder and laid the eucalyptus on top. Remove the leaves or needles 1-2" from the stem ( so you have a clear area to wrap tape around).

03. Secure with Tape

Grab your floral tape and wrap the stems together as tightly as you can, wrapping at least a couple times around. You can create as many little bundles as you'd like to layer together on a wreath frame. For this asymmetrical look, I just made two small greenery bundles. You can go big or simple, it's really up to you. The idea is the same, though.

04. Arrange Bundles on Hoop

Once you're satisfied with your assembled greenery bundles, place on the hoop to visualize where you want to secure them.

05. Attach One Bundle with Wire

Next, take a good amount of floral wire ( you can always cut off excess) and wrap the taped stems tightly to the hoop.

Once the base of the stems are secure,( they may slide slightly, and that's OK, the next step will help) take another piece of wire and attach the top of the bundle to the hoop. You'll have to place the wire down closer to the stem so you can't see it through the leaves/needles.

06. Attach 2nd Bundle with Wire

Repeat step 5 with the second greenery bundle you made, and be sure to add that second wire to secure the top of bundle to the hoop. This helps prevent the greenery from falling in different directions once you hang the wreath on the wall.

07. Add Pine Cones

Take a couple of decorative pine cones, ( I found these at Michael's ) and weave the wire close to the center of the pine cones so you the wire won't be visible. Place a pine cone where the two bundles "meet" on the hoop ( it hides the taped stems) and twist the wire securely on the backside of the hoop. Repeat with the second pine cone.

That's It, Really.

Ta-da! You can add pretty velvet or satin ribbon to hang the wreaths on a hook or nail, or simply hang as is.

I hope you feel inspired and capable of this fun project dear ones!

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