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Welcome to Our Home

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Hi friends! Welcome to the Easter household.

I thought I'd share a few snapshots from around our house so you can feel right at home. Built in 1906, this house was quite the undertaking for Brian and I as first time home-owners. I was six-months pregnant when we moved in the dead of summer, and I remember crying myself to sleep the first night we were there, the smell of cats and cigarettes hanging about me and my overly sensitive pregnant nose. I kept sniffling out, "What were we thinking? This was the worst decision we've ever made."

The next morning we set to work scrubbing nicotine and pet dander off the plaster walls of the three-story house, scooping up mounds of mouse droppings, and then proceeded to douse everything with Lysol and Amonia. We even bought an ozone machine to help with the stench....I'm not even kidding you guys. I was panicking about having a baby in three months.

You're probably thinking, "Why on earth did you buy the place?" Well, besides the unmistakable character ( an intact stained-glass window, fireplaces and mantels galore, high-ceilings) I also spotted an image of Our Lady in every. single. room - even the attic. I couldn't help but laugh that when Mary wants something done, she really gets it done. It was a simple, motherly reminder that she's always there, gently, quietly ( and not so quietly) leading me. After leaving the open-house, I told Brian, "Hun, I think we have to buy this place."

So we did, and after blood (mostly from my dad and Brian) sweat, and tears ( mostly from me) we've come a long way.

I'll be sharing more images down the road, and please let me know what more you would like to see and if you would want sources!

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