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Winter Wedding Flower Inspiration

My older sister Katie is getting married this February, and she graciously asked me to gather and arrange the flowers for the big day.

What is so beautiful about this wedding is that it is ALL about the Mass, the sacrament that is to take place. And, there will be an intimate family dinner afterwards in a stunning historical home in downtown Indy.

So for fun, I thought I'd share my visual mood board for the big day ( gulp, and as I try to figure out how to do this affordably), as well as provide my wish list of flower "ingredients" for these arrangements with their Marian meaning.

Her palette is soft and dramatic with pinks, greens, creams, and splashes of deep burgundy. My favorite inspiration I've found so far is from Petaline Floral via Instagram ( thank goodness for social media). She's perfected this dreamy mix of hues and I can't stop swooning. Check above and below.

Image via @PetalineFloral

PS: A little boutonniere inspiration below - I'm going super simple with cream spray roses and seeded eucalyptus, maybe an olive twig or two as well.

As for a handful of table arrangements for our family dinner, I'm taking notes from this beauty below;

Hydrangeas are a great flower to add to table arrangements because they take up quite a lot of room and add fullness as well as a good base for other focal flowers without breaking the bank.

So, here's the breakdown of my wish list and their beautiful Marian meanings that I could find.

Focal Flowers (standout statement blooms)

  • Burgundy Peony - peony means Pentecost Rose

  • Juliet Garden Rose - rose is also called, The Virgin's Rose

  • Purity Rose ( David Austen) - same as The Virgin's Rose, but I love that it's modern name is also purity.

Support Blooms ( additional flowers, a little more subdued, add volume and color)

  • Hydrangea - Ave Maria, Hail Mary

  • Cappuccino Beige Rose - again, The Virgin's Rose

  • Ranunculus - or buttercup, means Our Lady's Locks

Filler Flowers ( literally smaller flowers to pepper in and break up texture )

  • Astilbe - pink or white, Our Lady's Needlework. Had to really dig this one up, and went back to the botanical family name, Saxifragaceae:)

  • Veronica - Our Lady's Faith

  • Scabiosa in black night- also called pincushion flower, came from Our Lady's Pincushion

Lastly, greenery. My sister's favorite color is green and I want to try to add as many different shades as I can to honor her. I didn't provide the Marian meaning because many of these do not have them!

  • Seeded eucalyptus

  • Agonis

  • Dusty Miller

  • Italian Ruscus

  • Olive branches

Whew, that's it. Now, wish me good luck as I try to do the math here and probably make alterations;) I'll be sure to document the final product, too!

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