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Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

After having two girls, this is a total shift for my brain, and, I'm cracking up that I'm even writing this post. Because, as of right now, we're not sure this kid will get a nursery. In order for this baby boy to have his own room, Gemma (2.5) and Felicity (14 months) would have to share a room and somehow not wake each other up. We'll probably end up putting him in our office until we can figure out what in the world we're going to do, oy vey.

With my crazy nesting instincts, I can't help but want to redecorate a special space for this little guy. Selfishly, I think it makes me feel more ready to receive him into our lives, but, Lord knows I need humility and to let go of what I always feel I need. I'm praying for more peace and detachment, so that no matter what shakes out over the summer in terms of sleeping arrangements, my heart can be in a good place.

So, in a dream world and for creativity sake, I would make-over Felicity's nursery with a few simple switches and keeping the bulk of what we have to save some money.


INSPIRATION 1.0 / Neutral Tones + Texture

Soft, neutral earth-tones and texture peppered with strong black elements ( lamp and art work). I'm pretty pumped we have similar elements already, the same basket and hey! the cutest book, "I Want My Hat Back" by John Klassen. I'm thinking I may opt for this IKEA floor lamp and a few black frames.

INSPIRATION 2.0/ DIY Dresser Table + Pastel for Boys

I've already chalk-painted a huge Craigslist dresser white as a changing table for both girls, but this particular image gives me hope that the pastel black-out curtains I'm taking from Gemma's room won't be too girly;) I love this duck-egg blue and plan to paint Gemma's and Felicity's dresser this same hue in the next few weeks!

INSPIRATION 3.0 / Mod Lighting + Bold Rug

I'm not a huge mid-century buff, but I do love mixing era's in our house and I just feel like we're missing this decade. I love adding a touch of gold or bronze to a room and I'd like to add more pops of rich color to our home... and rugs are a simple way to do that. I'm digging this affordable light from Amazon and Houzz has crazy budget-friendly rugs I've listed below.



Sputnik Chandelier, $140

Houzz 5x7 Rugs:

right to left: Bohemian, $135 /NuLoom, $135/ Safavieh, $147

IKEA Faux Sheepskin Rug, $30 / IKEA RANARP Floor Lamp, $50

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