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Easter Girls

I love these two and their distinct personalities. I'm daily amazed to discover who they are and how they are different from each other. Gemma is a singularly unique, sharp girl who feels deeply and has an magical imagination. Felicity is delighted to be noticed by anyone and constantly tries to keep up with her big sister ( big surprise). She is genuinely happy in the moment and her quick spells last but a minute until she finds someone else to smile at.

They both are strong forces in their own way and it's a daily challenge for me to know what is best for them both. But, us Easter girls are figuring it out and we're excited to meet this little guy in August. Well, at least one of us (me) is, poor G + F have no idea what's coming.

So thankful to Maria Ignelzi who snapped these photos of the girls. Maria often helps babysit them and is working on her photography portfolio. We'll treasure these images for years to come.

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