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October 17th, 2014

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

It's been four years since Brian and I said "yes" to one another before Our Lord, family, and loved ones at St. Paul's Cathedral in Pittsburgh. What a wonderful blur of a day that was, and it brings so much joy to go through some of my favorite photos from the event...especially since I have yet to make a wedding album (which will probably happen in a decade).

I remember waiting with my dad in the back of the cathedral, my legs shaking uncontrollably as I repeated the Hail Mary. I had a deathlike grip on my bouquet, which I remember vividly; it was filled with dahlias, garden roses, ranunculuses, eucalyptus, ferns, and fresh mint and smelled heavenly.

My long-sleeved guipure lace dress, too I clearly remember, and it had it's own story. But, as I stood there waiting for my cue to walk down the aisle, I thought about how quickly and powerfully the Holy Spirit had moved within the past year. A year and one month ago, Brian and I had met on a blind date. And now...I was pledging to love him all the days of my life. In many ways, we took a leap of faith for one another, trusting that we'll figure out the unknown future together. We just knew we wanted to do it side by side.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Pachelbel's Canon in D started to play on the organ ( by a dear friend who is a doctor in sacred music) and my dad patted my hand and gave me a teary smile as we began to walk down the long aisle.

By the time I could see Brian's face (it was an epic aisle), he was beaming with joy. Light literally shown from his face, I almost couldn't meet his eyes..I could hardly believe he loved me so much.

Mass was beautiful, and something I'll always remember from Fr. Mike's homily is how he mentioned that the vows we profess today are not actually realized until the end of our lives. We say "yes" today - in sickness and in health, in good times and bad - but the reality of loving one another selflessly will take a life time, a daily choice to put the other first. Our promises take shape, take form, become real with each passing day.

We're only in four years in, but gosh have we been tested by the school of love, learning about each other as go; becoming parents three times over and making room in our hearts for more.

These photos bring me great consolation and I hope to look back on them often, to remember that joyful day I said yes to Brian.

Photography, Hot Metal Studio

Florist, The Blue Daisy Floral Designs

Wedding, St. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburgh

Venue, The Grand Concourse

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