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Affordable Maternity & Nursing Wear Wish List

Updated: May 7, 2018

I learned the hard way after Gemma was born that I needed more than just bump friendly fashion to see me through the nine months I was pregnant. I was desperate for nursing friendly tops and dresses the following weeks after her birth (at the time, my mom ran out to Kmart to grab a handful of hoodies and plaid button-downs to see me through those first world altering months).

Since then, I'm always on the lookout for maternity wear that can also double as nursing-wear. Grant it, I have only nursed my two girls until they were around five-six months, for different reasons, but I found it incredibly uplifting to not live in zip-up hoodies 24/7.

So, I gathered a handful of items I'm eyeing from ASOS for under 65$ that will see me through summer to fall. And, I have more maternity wear inspiration over at Ever Easter on Pinterest.

NOTE* if anyone knows of maternity/nursing friendly pieces that are ethically made, PLEASE let me know.

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