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Nursery Taking Shape

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I love how rooms can take a life of their own. You can start with a color, a print, a curtain, a pillow, a texture, etc. and slowly build from that one speck of inspiration. And, that's exactly what happened with this baby boy's room.

For fun, a few months ago I gathered general inspiration from Pinterest to get my brain thinking "boy" room. From that point ( and for almost every room in our house) I created a basic Google Drive slide show document or "inspiration board" to see items all together in one place. With almost 100% of our purchases coming from online, it helps me tremendously to figure out what may go together and what won't when I copy and past the web images next to one another. Visual thinker over here.

I even put a sample of our wall color and stock photo of the curtains from the room to get a feel for what may go, and I'm just tickled by how it's taking form. The first purchase I made was for the rusty worn red/orange rug from Houzz. Once that was on the floor, everything else started falling in place. We plan to swap out the girly chandelier with a mid-century light from Amazon and hang a few prints with In Honor of Design's clever DIY wooden poster hangers.

I also waited for a sale from Crate and Kids to buy one crib sheet and changing pad cover in a cute fox print. Lastly, I walked into Anthropologie last week (always dangerous) and found a comfy boho throw that was 40% off sale price.

As this little space comes together, I'll share little snapshots soon! Product sources below if you're interested:)

*Find the rest of the print source links here!

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