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Under the Christmas Tree

Our favorite toys are ones that inspire imagination and last. We tend to keep it pretty simple with classic toys that both girls can play with (you'll notice a healthy dose of pink and quite a few horses). I'm sure our shopping list will look different down the road with William in the gang - but, this year he's playing with the wrapping paper.

For now, we get each of the girls just three gifts with one or two "shared" gifts. This year we're planning plush mermaid dolls for the stocking and matching white tutu's inspired by their favorite clip of The Nutcracker. Gemma will get a cute horse family while Felicity will receive a darling barn toy with different latches and little farm animals. Their shared gift is a tiny, yet sturdy, copper tin tea set.

Under the Christmas Tree

And, just for fun, I wanted to include our favorite toys from past holidays and birthdays! The below have captured our girls' imagination and hearts.

Household Favorites

Clara Doll / Ballerina Doll (we have a similar princess version that's no longer available) / Calico Critters Cat Family / Calico Critters Bunny Family / Large Stuffed Horse / Stick Pony

The purple dress below was a gift from grandma and it has lasted through hundreds of trips in the washer. These sweet Little Adventures gowns totally hold their shape and I love that they don't have the typical Disney Princess brand.

Princess Dress Up

In the Little Kitchen

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